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Embedded Candles
·Karen's Vineyard

Northwoods Candles
·Northern Exposure Pillars
·From Ryan's Cabin
·Northwoods Candle Art

Western Candles
·Western Gels
·Western Brown Jars
·Western Candle Art Jars
·Western Etched Glass
·Western Candle Art
·Western Candle Tins
·Western Embedded Candles
·Western Votives
·Western Holders
·Western Picture Frames

Candle Holders
·Ceramic & Iron Holders
·Western Holders
Banded Candles
Cash Pyramid
Classical Tins
Earthen Classics
Fruits of the Spirit
Jewelry Candles
Rustic Lights
The Original Coffee Bean
Wax Wishes and Illuminations
Wedding and Special Occasion

Church Candles
Private Label Candles
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